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  • Exhibitor Application 2023 | Reno Tahoe International Art Show

    Apply to Exhibit at RTIA Show 2024 FILL OUT APPROPRIATE APPLICATION BELOW Galleries & Studios Traditional booth reservations with 10'H art walls - available to galleries and qualified independent artists. APPLY HERE Available to qualifying Native Independent artists - following Indian Arts & Crafts Act Guidelines. First Nations, Indigenous Peoples Pavilion APPLY HERE Bespoke Furniture (Space Only) Floor only furniture exhibition space as part of a unique design vignette' feature APPLY HERE Available to artists preparing sculptural artworks for Burning Man 2024. Post Playa Art (Space Only) APPLY HERE Floor only sculpture exhibition space along the 2024 RTIA Sculpture Walk. Sculpture (Space Only) APPLY HERE Available to independent artists currently living and working in the Reno Tahoe region. Booths are constructed of 8'H art walls. Heart of Reno APPLY HERE Frequently Asked Questions When will I find out if my application has been accepted? Once you have submitted your application, RTIA management will be in touch within 5 days. If you haven’t heard from us within that timeframe, please connect with Briana directly via email or phone – | 714.319.3385. What is required if my application is accepted? Once accepted, 2024 RTIA Show exhibitors will be sent next steps which will include the first deposit invoice, the space agreement and request for marketing materials (work example images, bio, artist statement, etc.). What are my options if my application is not accepted? If your application is not accepted due to space limitations, you will be presented with alternative space options. If your application is not accepted for other reasons, there may be opportunity to exhibit within another featured showcase of the RTIA Show and depending on your location, these options will be presented to you as they are available. I’m not sure which application to apply for. Artists living and working in the greater Reno Tahoe region that do not require a large exhibition space are encouraged to apply within the Heart of Reno showcase. All other independent artists looking for wall space, with the exception of the First Nations applicants, should apply as ‘Galleries & Studios.’ Space only options do not include walls. Exhibitors are welcome to reserve both booth and space only options and can customize as needed once at least one application is submitted. When do applications close? Applications are ‘first come, first serve’ and based on availability. Each application will move to ‘waitlist only’ once its available space has been allocated.

  • RTIA Show | Reno Tahoe International Art Show | Reno

    2023 Photo Gallery 2024 Applications Now Open Thank you for joining us. We look forward to seeing you next year. 2023 Recap Video About RTIA 2023 Apply to Exhibit 2024 RTA Awards Photo Gallery More Stories More September 14 - 17, 2024 RTIA SHOW: DESTINATION ART FAIR OF THE WEST Uniquely Reno Tahoe The Reno Tahoe International Art Show (RTIA Show) is the premiere art fair of the West. Set against the backdrop of the Sierra, the four-day RTIA Show is uniquely structured with exhibiting national and international galleries, independent artists, short film programming from around the world, and one of the nation’s largest presentations of sculpture. The RTIA Show anchors The Reno Creative Movement, a vision to position Reno Tahoe as a nationally recognized center for arts and culture. The annual event is intrinsically tied to its location, featuring the ‘Heart of Reno’ showcase, locally created bespoke furniture, musical talent from the region, and ongoing local hospitality. The third edition, September 2024, will present over 130,000’ of fine art, design, sculpture, film and music - see you there. About RTIA Show A WEEKEND OF FINE ART Presenting World-Renowned Galleries & Artists The RTIA Show presents galleries of varied scale, invited institutions and art organizations, independent artists and sculptors from around the world. The featured RTIA ‘Art Cities’ feature all of these exhibiting entities together as uniquely dedicated pavilions representing the artistic flavor of each showcased art-rich city. After a successful debut in 2023, the number of featured Art Cities will double in 2024. View 2023 Exhibitor List 7,000+ Collectors, Art Buyers, & Designers 60+ Galleries 200+ Independent Artists 15+ Featured Art Cities 18,000'+ Sculpture Walk 20+ Live Musical Performances RTIA 2024: BIGGER & BETTER Aiming Even Higher for 2024 The 2023 RTIA Show doubled its footprint from the inaugural show, captivating art enthusiasts like never before. Now, the third edition of the fair will grow to occupy a 121,000’ hall, positioning the entire event within one dramatic exhibition space. Highlights of 2024 include: expansion of the Art City feature, doubling the number of cities presented, a 18,000' Sculpture Walk, continued growth of national galleries, two museum exhibitions, including one international museum feature, unique design vignettes featuring collectible cars, bespoke furniture, sculpture and select 2D artworks, all available for purchase, and an expanded Heart of Reno and Burning Man 2024 Post Playa exhibition. Tickets on Sale this Summer Event Photos PHOTO GALLERY View all 2023 Event Photos Explore Additional Features of the RTIA Show SCULPTURE WALK POST-PLAYA ART FIRST NATIONS, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES PAVILION ​ The RTIA Show First Nations Indigenous Peoples Pavilion presents fine art, sculpture, and jewelry from some of the most celebrated Native artists in the West. A celebration of extraordinary art and critical cultural heritage, FNIP exhibitors are invited to join the show at a significantly discounted rate and will be centrally featured at the 2024 fair. Burning Man takes place just ahead of the RTIA Show, three hours into the desert. The Post Playa Art showcase grants art enthusiasts and buyers a rare opportunity to experience extraordinary artworks straight from the famous Black Rock City in a setting like never before, all available for purchase and commission. The RTIA Show proudly hosts one of the largest indoor/outdoor sculpture presentations in the US. The 2023 RTIA Show’s 300’+ Sculpture Walk included special features from the National Sculpture Society and 3D artworks from tabletop to 40’+ monoliths as part of the Post Playa Art feature. INVITING, INNOVATIVE, AND FUN Live music, Tastings, Demos, RTIA Talks, Short Film, & More The RTIA Show is a welcoming, lively weekend event with ongoing musical performances, award-winning short film programming presented by Reno-based Cordillera Internationals Film Festival, and local hospitality including fan favorite coffee stations and tastings from Reno Tahoe breweries and distilleries. The RTIA Show is committed to fostering meaningful connections between exhibitors and their audience, offering insightful artist talks, thought-provoking panel discussions, and live demonstrations, that provide attendees with a unique opportunity to connect with the individuals behind the art. View 2023 Schedule As an exhibitor for both years, I didn’t think it could get any better, but this year it did! Amazing exhibits, amazing coordination with everyone and amazing for the exhibitors as well as the attendees. Many told me that they didn’t know about it last year but so excited and thrilled to be here this year. To have all the amazing artists and their creations under one roof can’t be anything but a success! Dee Kirkham Exhibitor, Independent Studio I've attended both years and it's been different in scale and scope. It's a spectacular event. I plan to attend every year. Cheryl J. Attendee I like how the show was set up- some art and classic cars at the front and then once you're inside, it's like a maze of beauty. I did try hard to make sure I got to see everything. I thought having the beverage tables throughout- some coffee, some cocktails- was a wonderful addition, kept patrons there longer, and gave the gallery more life along with good smells from the coffee. Great job! Attendee This was such an incredible event! Unbelievably inspiring to see so many artists showing what they can do in one location. It felt like an event at a bigger city, in the best way. It was shockingly kid-friendly, and it was a beautiful thing to take my little ones to see the amazing talent and skill, then actually meet the artists behind the works they loved. A stupendous event. Topher S. Attendee Loved it. I should have given myself more time or gone back a second day. I had no idea how much there would be or how much time I would spend talking to the artists. Jennifer L. Attendee The RTIA exhibit was or surprisingly high quality, and I enjoyed the variety of work, talking to artists, and methods I had not seen before. I will attend next time and invite friends. Teresa P. Attendee Beautiful and spacious show. Exhibitors were welcoming, and engaging, and we never felt they were pushing a sale. This allowed us to just enjoy the beautiful art. We will attend again next year. Maureen R. Attendee Overall a great show and real asset for Reno - keep up the great work! John S. Attendee Excited to see so many talented local artists, enjoyed the variety, was surprised to get to talk with so many of the artists, music and beer tastings made for such an enjoyable atmosphere. Amy C. Attendee As a Native Indigenous Artist, I'm honored to be part of the RTIA Show. The Producers have shown they believe that indigenous Art is important and must be recognized as Fine Art. Thankful RTIA provides another opportunity to exhibit and sell Native Art. Ron Chee Exhibitor, FNIP RTIA Show is a highly organized event. Great location and great art! ​ We liked how the independent artists were in the same space as the galleries. The setup reminded us of the high end gallery. Great job. Susan Handau Exhibitor, Independent Artist It was a huge improvement from the first year. I am fully invested in it's big picture plan in reaching it's highest and best year after year. From their consistent and thorough communication and exquisite production value to their wealth and relationship building the Reno Tahoe International Art Show continues to create a World Class Event that will exponentially ignite the lives of thousands for years to come! Scott Forest Scott Forest Gallery, Tahoe, CA The quality of support and organization for this show was exceptional. High quality advertising and social media engagement. Excellent communication at every point. Large and diverse group of participating artists and strong attendance. Steven Whyte Steven Whyte Studios, Carmel by the Sea, CA I found it both exciting and interesting on many levels. It truly was an experience to meet so many people who have a passion for art. I am back in my studio now and find myself excited about the many new ideas and plans that I am formulating for future artwork. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Nancy Good Core Contemporary Gallery, Las Vegas NV I thought the event was very well-done, and the organizers were incredibly hands-on throughout the show. I would definitely recommend RTIA to local artists as an effective way to connect to collectors and the artists' community. Bravo on a successful 2023 event! I'm looking forward to participating again next year. Beck Baumann Exhibitor, Independent Studio How often do you have the opportunity to view world class art in Reno? The Reno Tahoe International Art Show showcases world class art and sculpture from around the nation. In addition to the world-class art, they Spotlight our local and regional artists. Everything is elevated with an event like the Reno Tahoe International Art Show. Reno has taken a giant step forward into the world of fine art exhibits. It truly can be a destinations location for people seeking an elevated art experience. Rosemary Wood Pacific Crest Gallery, Tahoe CA It was a great show. I learned so much for next year. Even though some of my work was political, I received a ton of support. I was presently surprised. Diana Uzzell Exhibitor, FNIP Thank you Reno/Tahoe for welcoming us and our ceramic sculpture with open arms. We had an amazing weekend. Can't wait to come back next year! Alan Potter Exhibitor, Sculptor First I want to say that the overall layout and flow of the show was great. The music was wonderful and so were the additional vendors like Coffeebar. Rossitza Todorova Exhibitor, Independent Studio The RTIA Show is a hidden gem within the Western U.S. I am grateful to have the opportunity to showcase my artworks among the expansive talents of the region and to meet new artists and Galleries at the event. Jennifer Hartnett Exhibitor We've done many fairs over the years and have rarely seen more than a single member of the show team make such effort, much less the entire team. Randy Slavin Winn Slavin Gallery Kevin and Briana did an excellent job with the curation of the art... which was phenomenal! I was inspired by the rich spirit of community and support among artists as well as patrons. It was a great show! Terrie Bennett Carmel-by-the-Sea The Art City Invitationals is a good concept to help increase visibility for regional galleries and for local artists to connect with galleries outside of the general Reno-Tahoe area. Diane Chung Chung 24 Gallery I can’t thank you enough for everything. The show was amazing, and I loved where You placed my showcase. It couldn't have been any better. I look forward to next year. Ted Demolski Glass Sculptor Thank you all so much for ALL the hard work, planning, and time that you continue to put into making the RTIA my favorite event of the year! Nicole King Adornment by Nicole Kevin & Briana- you two were a JOY to work with Kurt Nelson Palette Contemporary Gallery I love this show!!! As a community, we need to support this type of event that provides a showcase for local and all artists!!!!!!! Margaret K. Attendee 2023 Partners & Sponsors Show Sponsor Reno Tahoe Artist Awards Sponsor RTIA Presents Sponsor Reno Creative Movement Award Sponsor 2023 Supporting Media RTIA Show Apr 2 2 min Floor Plan 2.0 Explained RTIA Show Jan 23 1 min RTIA Show Presents the Art City Invitationals RTIA Show Dec 7, 2022 3 min Miami Art Week in Review, 2022 RTIA Show Nov 21, 2022 8 min Meet the Father-Daughter Duo Behind RTIA Show RTIA Stories

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  • Meet the Father-Daughter Duo Behind RTIA Show

    RTIA Show founders, father-daughter team Kevin O’Keefe and Briana Dolan, sit down (with unofficial intern Shane Dolan, 14 months) to talk about the show, their partnership (only some grievances were aired) and the vision for the wider Reno Creative Movement. B: It’s still sort of surreal to me that we are business partners. K: Surreal? B: Don’t you think it’s a bit …surprising? K: I think from the beginning it has always felt oddly fated, like it was meant to be. The way that it formed and shaped, there was an inevitability to it that was quite amazing. Well there was a time, actually, now that I’m thinking about it, that I was openly talking about wanting to somehow land in what I vaguely called the ‘event business’ and that it would be great to be ultimately partnered with you on that path. It was such a fuzzy thought process, though, with no real starting point. This was back in Connecticut, pre-kids, so at least 6 years ago. And now here we are- wild. It was a very interesting process. It went from complete stillness mid-pandemic, where there wasn’t anything going on, and then naturally spending more time on art. Initially I was just looking to make a website -just as something to do. …You wanted me to make you a website- for your art. Right. But then when we were looking and seeing what was happening in the environment with art, it was actually quite a surprise to see what was happening here in Reno. The Reno Fine Arts Collective came together so quickly - and it was accepted so completely. Then to move onto the gallery and to develop a community that was very cohesive and happy to come together like that. I’ve built many businesses, but this was one that kind of built itself. Normally to create a business, you have to drag it, kicking and screaming, up. This just came forward very naturally. And it morphed directly from the gallery to the show. In and a way it was almost seamless. When you and Mom moved to Reno, were you in retirement mode, or what were you thinking when it came to what to do next? I think at the time I didn’t really consider what I would be doing next. We had gone through a period of a couple of years of such oddness in the world. I wasn’t really thinking about anything except getting away from Connecticut and New York and into a place that geographically was clearly much more attractive. I thought it was a nice change. But in terms of working, I never considered another career or what I would be doing here. What is more surprising to you, living in Reno or doing what we’re doing? I think what’s most surprising is that we are doing what we’re doing. Though for many years I thought of Reno in the same way that the rest of the world did – and does- as a place to be avoided. It’s an uphill battle with the various stigmas – being ‘next to Vegas’, a sad secondary gambling town and the Reno 911 fiasco, but I do think it’s changing at a rapid rate now. Even growing up in California, I had no idea where Reno was until Mike and I drove here from San Diego. That was the longest road trip I had taken to date – you and Mom weren’t big on road trips - and until we were over the hill, there were many hours there that I was convinced I would really not like what I was about to see. But it surprised me then, and continues to surprise me now. [Shane interrupts conversation for the fifth time] We are partners, but the partnership has sort of taken root into the wider family unit. Everyone has had a direct hand in some piece of this effort- which is great, because for one, it’s nice to be supported, but also it means a lot to have such a strong foundation. Yes it is very nice. Also, when we were starting the Reno Fine Arts Collective, I had just found out I was pregnant with Shane- remember? His life is especially integrated with the building of this business. I had such an outpouring of love and support from all the artists of the Collective, too. They really helped me get through the tougher months of pregnancy. It’s a network I never expected to have, but more importantly, that I never expected to need. Reno people are, on a whole, very welcoming and kind, but the artist community is especially one to be cherished. For two introverts- we’ve made some great friends in this process. Very much so- and then over time, the larger community, the business community- EDAWN, the mayor of the city, the city council, the Nevada Council for the Arts- as people became aware of what we were doing, there was universal support for it. Right, and I think the biggest leap now, along with growing the show, is being able to create this bridge between Reno’s art community and the wider international art world- and to do it in a digestible way. Where it’s not just about a talented, but isolated, community – it’s about finding and building on the connections that will ultimately lift Reno Tahoe to a nationally recognized center for art and culture, which has been our goal and our vision with the Reno Creative Movement from the beginning. The ability to expose the current residents of the region, and those that are incoming, to the whole reservoir of international gallerists and sculpture- I think it is really enriching for them. Especially with all the changes we’re seeing in the country, and particularly the west coast, the timing couldn’t be better. Well also there is a general shift in the art world. Being more attuned to the international art news has been one of the most interesting pieces of this for me. It’s not a crossroads, per se, but it’s a period of time now that will most certainly be studied in art history classes to come. Between the aftermath of Covid to the digital world, NFTs… it’s a great time to take action and impart lasting change. Completely. I think people are viewing the world very much as an ‘in-motion, non-static’ environment. For the longest time, the art world was fixed. There were certain places that had events that were always accepted and that’s where you went and certain galleries were accepted and so that’s where you bought certain types of art… all of that is dramatically changing. It’s very fluid. So it is an exciting time. It’s an exciting time for independent artists, for new galleries. I think that this new generation of high net worth individuals in their 30s and 40s are looking at art very differently. And different types of art too. Things like photography and sculpture for example. The renewed or different attention to these mediums at this time is really interesting. It says a lot about how people are interacting with art. As a recording and an interpretation of history and truth, photography demands to be interacted with. Sculpture by its nature of taking up space demands the interaction as well. Portraiture, which we highlighted in the Talks at this first show, came into new focus as a result of covid related introspection. It has a similar effect staring back at the viewer. There is a movement for younger people who really want to own things that are real. Something that is unique and produced by an individual. Collecting on its own is also a great way to discover yourself. Recognizing pieces of art that truly move you is fascinating self-discovery and it really contributes to pride in collection- whether it’s a collection of one piece or a hundred. Even originals under the $300 mark… we are sitting under a piece I bought from a member of the Collective and every day I look at is new. It’s a living entity that enriches our space and our lives. I hope that what we are seeing with collectors- new and seasoned- will continue to develop in this trend. The whole concept of owning an original that appeals to you is definitely growing in vogue. We saw that at the show. So many people – and young people- left with art, recognizing the value of owning an original. I think many people wrongly assume that originals of any value are unaffordable, but that just isn’t true. And regardless of price, original art or bespoke furniture, can endure through generations. With the handcrafted furniture, you see it and know it will be appreciated for generations. Another thing that is important, particularly for Americans, is the opportunity to own original art created by Native Americans. Those cultures, especially from the 9 major western tribes- it’s beautiful art from a diminishing population of pure-blooded Native Americans that really cherish their histories. Any American who wants to be part of that heritage of where this place came from should really be looking at that art. Some of the most beautiful traditional Native American jewelry- if you’re not buying it, you should at least be looking at it. And in the next couple of years we’ll see to it that this show has one of the largest presentations of contemporary Native American art anywhere in the country that can be found outside of a museum. That is something we’re going to spend some time on, to make it possible for these artists to participate in the show and to connect with people that would like to take part in the generational history of their families. The tradition that is incorporated into some of the First Nation art is something to be celebrated on its own. It’s a fascinating and complex history that cannot be forgotten. It’s an important feature. Another defining element of the show is the Sculpture piece, which many of the First nations exhibitors were involved with this past year too. The ability to bring in major sculptures from Burning Man 2023, 30 or 40 pieces that will weigh many thousands of pounds but are very unique pieces that architects, high net worth individuals or cities can come and purchase– it’s a key piece of the show. And really this is only place they are going to be able to see them and purchase them in this way. There are a lot of people that cannot go to Burning Man for whatever reason, or would prefer not to shop for art there. Well and we can curate what’s best from Burning Man and present in this environment, which is unique to Reno in the sense that we don’t have the same complications that typically come with similar buildings in bigger cities. And aside from that, what is unique about this entire show is that – and no other show in the world does it this way- now we have a huge composition of curated local artists, combined with other independent artists coming in from around the world, mixed with galleries from all over the United States and the world, and then major sculpture and an enormous presentation of Burning Man pieces. We also have this added layer that the show is very unique to Reno Tahoe- the local musicians, the Cordillera Film Festival, hospitality and retail partners- I think people are sort of blown away (as we are) about this region. Reno… who knew? Such an appropriate slogan. Ok, so in conclusion… what would you say is the most annoying thing about working with me? (long, calculated pause…) Um…I think that one of your best qualities is your attention to detail and timeliness of things. You are constantly reminding to review and approve things… which can sometimes be an irritant. Ha! Yes, doing work on time can be annoying… Well you already know my pet peeve working with you, then… you constantly ignore my reminders! But aside from that I have enjoyed working together...I feel like we have a good balance of things- and it’s been fun! It has been fun. Lots to come, still. It’s a very good thing for Reno. And I think it’s also quite gratifying to be able to see us putting together an event that is so completely accepted by the political and economic development executives in the region. The universal support for the concept is great to see. We also know that as we change the way that we are looking at ourselves, from the old Reno to the new Reno as an arts and culture center – and as the rest of the country changes the way they look at us, it will make this place so much more to be proud of. We are happy to be part of that. I’ve never felt so at home in any city we’ve lived in. Which is odd after being born on the east coast, growing up in Southern California, and coming most recently from CT and New York. But it’s true for whatever reason and I’m proud to part of the effort to lift this region up. It seems natural. And it is. End

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