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Introducing RTIA Show 2023

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The second annual Reno Tahoe International Art Show will nearly double in size, expanding in all areas with new features and a greater presentation of Burning Man art pieces as part of the After Burn Market.

Nearly doubling in size, the 2023 RTIA Show will be anchored in Reno-Sparks Convention Center's Hall 3, a 60,000 sq ft space located directly behind the main entry and Registration Lobby- take a look at the Floor Plan here.

The show will again occupy the Registration Lobby, but this time for new special features rather than the Heart of Reno presentation. A colored carpet will direct attendees from the main entrance, through the Registration Lobby and into Hall 3, where it will continue to direct traffic through the show. The RTIA Show continues to develop from its four foundational pillars, the Galleries & Features, Sculpture, Independent Artists, which will now include Foundations, showcasing artists originally from Reno Tahoe who are now living and working elsewhere, and Entertainment & Hospitalities. Stay tuned for a full breakdown on the components of each pillar in ‘RTIA Glossary 2023.’

Taking place September 14-17, 2023, the new RTIA Show dates reflect the decision to secure the best available space at the center, avoid a direct clash with NYC's Armory Art Fair, and build a much grander “After Burn” 2023 sculpture market.

Stay tuned for the full breakdown in our next story...Parts of a Whole: RTIA Glossary 2023

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