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Parts of a Whole: RTIA Show Glossary

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The RTIA Show stands on four pillars: Galleries & Features, Independent Artists, Sculpture and Entertainment & Hospitality. Here we define the parts that make up each pillar.

'After Burn' Sculpture Market: Play With Your Food Exhibit

The RTIA Show is a contemporary art fair with Reno Tahoe flair. It’s natural beauty and sophisticated design paired with grandiose vision and a definitive edge. The show is made up of many parts, some of which are brand new for 2023 or morphing from the inaugural event. Here we present the four foundational pillars, and the components of each, in order to shed light on the makings of the show.

Pillar 1: Independent Artists

Unlike many existing art fairs, the RTIA Show aims to present a balanced exhibition of independent artists alongside galleries of varying sizes and focus as well as presentations from art organizations and institutions. The show presents a world of fine art and design to Reno Tahoe and presents to the world the talent and creative community of Reno Tahoe.

Heart of Reno This regional showcase includes independent artists and art organizations from the wider Reno Tahoe area.

Independents This presentation of independent artists from outside the region, extending internationally, is new to the 2023 show.

Foundations Also new to 2023,

Independent artist Jinny Tomozy live painting

Foundation is a unique exhibition of independent artists who are from the Reno Tahoe region. While they now live outside the area, they share ties to the arts community here and still consider Reno Tahoe a home away from home.

Pillar 2: Galleries & Features

The gallery space grows significantly for the 2023 show as mid-level and tier one galleries join from around the region, nation and world. RTIA Show Features presented alongside the gallery spaces include:

First Nations, Indigenous Peoples Pavilion The FNIP showcase will be presented as one pavilion in 2023, with additional space extending into an adjacent space for unique jewelry and sculpture work.

Neon Exhibit The neon presentation will expand to include collectible museum pieces along with commercial works.

Neon Exhibit

Bespoke Furniture the handmade furniture component, placed primarily within the Heart of Reno at the RTIA Show launch, will also extend to a larger exhibition for 2023. The RTIA Show management is of the belief that utilitarian artworks remain a cornerstone of the American valuation of art and of collecting art. This is especially important for the

newest generation of collectors. We are excited to see this piece grow and for the show to support new and seasoned collectors alike.

Short Film Programming Presented by the Cordillera International Film Festival, the RTIA Show Short Film Programming will be shown on a large screen in a dedicated theater space that will double as the RTIA Talks room. The 90-minute program will feature a variety of national and international short films, award winning and celebrated contemporary shorts.

RTIA Talks With a mix of panel discussions, interviews and solo speakers, the 2023 RTIA Talks will cover a range of topics from what’s new and next in the art world to interior design and more.

RTIA Talks Women in Design

Pillar 3: Sculpture

Building on the success of the indoor/outdoor sculpture presentation at the inaugural RTIA Show, the Sculpture piece of the second annual show will expand into two distinct features:

After Burn Sculpture Market Presenting select large scale works that have debuted at Burning Man. This will primarily consist of works created for Black Rock City 2023 but will showcase works shown at previous years’ Burning Man as well.

Sculpture Walk will showcase large scale as well as smaller scale sculpture from both independent artists and galleries from around the nation and world.

Pillar 4: Entertainment & Hospitalities

The fourth and final pillar of the RTIA Show consists of the elements that truly identify the show as not just an art fair, but a Reno Tahoe art event.

Opening Night Concert at Cargo Concert Hall

Live Music The inaugural show presented musical performances by over 80 regional musicians in multiple locations in the Reno area. Music will again be a key feature of the show, with ongoing live performances on the show floor as well as satellite events including the RTA Awards Gala (see below).

Local Partners During the RTIA Show weekend, region-wide partners offer RTIA Show exhibitors and attendees with special discounts and featured items at hospitality and retail venues around the Reno Tahoe area. In addition, local brewery partners sponsor the show, offering attendees with free beer tastings at the show through the weekend.

RTA Awards at the Nevada Museum of Art

RTA Awards The Reno Tahoe Artist (RTA) Awards is a separate 501(c)3 entity created to recognize regional artists who are key contributors to the development of the next generation of Reno Tahoe as a destination for arts and culture. The inaugural RTA Awards presented cash prizes for excellence in artistic achievement in 7 categories to artists living and working in the Reno Tahoe region.

The 2023 RTA Awards will again run alongside the RTIA Show, this time also recognizing RTIA Show exhibitors as ‘Best in Show’ in the following categories: Galleries & Features, Independent Artists and Sculpture. The RTA Awards Gala will take place Saturday, September 15, 2023 (location TBC) featuring live musical performances, silent auctions for both The Eddy House and Art for Recovery, dinner and drinks. Applications for the 2023 RTA Awards will open May 2023 and regional finalists will be announced early September.


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